Immigration Law

Current British immigration laws make immigration applications hard to manage without expert guidance.

Failed applications are expensive to fix and our view is that prevention is better than cure. That is why we take a planned and calculated approach to immigration.

Everything we do is designed with settlement as the ultimate goal; and with peace of mind for the client at the forefront of all of our work. With our success rate being well in excess of ninety per cent, we bring peace of mind and a tenacious approach to making sure your immigration applications run smoothly and with minimal stress on your part.

This section contains information about immigration categories for non-European nationals

It describes the eligibility requirements for each category, and explains how you can make an application inside or outside the UK.

If you are a national of a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, please click on  EU (European Family) Settlement Scheme Applications section.

If you do not know whether you need a visa to come to the UK, or which immigration category is most suitable for you, please Contact Us.

We provide robust professional advice in following immigration categories.

  1. Human Rights Applications/Appeals
  2. Asylum Applications/Appeals
  3. Judicial Review Applications
  4. Cancellation of Removal Directions and Deportations
  5. Application for Temporary Admission & Bail
  6. Visiting the UK
  7. Studying in the UK
  8. Working in the UK
  9. Partners and families
  10. Settlement/ILR Applications
  11. EU (European Family) Settlement Scheme Applications
  12. Diplomats, government officials and members of governments
  13. Appeals in Immigration Tribunals
  14. Upper Tribunal Applications

If you are already in the UK, please visit our “While you are in the UK” and “Settling in the UK”.

If your applications are refused, we provide legal advice and advocacy. Please click Appeals and Judicial Review.

We also provide and book “Same Day Services” in many immigration categories.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help, please Contact Us.

We can’t provide specific advice on your matter before you become a client, but we can give you an honest assessment of whether you’d benefit from a follow up appointment. Naturally, everything you tell us will be treated in complete confidence.